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What is this all about?

Indo2SV is 6-weeks mentorship program from fellow Indonesian professionals for Indonesian university students to help them secure internship at top tech companies in Silicon Valley.

Given the ideal condition, we believe that Indonesia has many untapped talented students who are capable to work for top IT companies in the world. While we think that they do have what it takes, we understand that there are these two things that usually stand between them and that dream; Experience and Opportunity. We’ve been there before and that’s why we started this.

Indo2SV aims to open up new opportunity for aspiring students who want to work in big tech companies abroad. We provide 6-weeks interview-oriented mentorship that will help you preparing for SV-style software engineer technical interview. You are required to have basic knowledge of algorithm. If you are not used to it, you can use TOKI Learning Gate to ramp up. As long as you are Indonesian and still in university; you're welcome to apply.

At the end of the mentorship program, the student will get a referral letter from fellow Indonesian professional to help them secure their first-round interview with the desired company. By this time, the student should also have been equipped with enough knowledge and experience for the real interview.

What can you expect from us ?

  • It's totally FREE

  • Your mentor will be your teacher, private tutor, online study peer or whatever it takes to get you up to speed (Including 1 hour video call session every week)

  • Referral from fellow Indonesian Professional who works in Silicon Valley

What do we expect from you ?

We expect the student to know some basic knowledge of algorithm and data structure, which can be picked up by finishing the selection test. The whole mentorship will be done in English (as will the interview be), so we expect the student to be proficient in English. Aside from that, these are the three most important traits that we are looking for in the student:

  • Passion

    We want somebody who is really passionate with the idea of working in IT industry in Silicon Valley, and willing to learn proactively.

  • Dedication

    We expect at least 10 hours/week commitment (which is 1 hour of weekly Skype session, and estimated 9 hours of homework and self-study). That many hours on top of your busy university life is not an easy thing, we know. But we believe that everything great will not come easily.

  • Independent

    Basically we expect you to know how to "google yourself out of problem" and don't give up easily.

Selection Details

Selection criteria are Resume and Basic Programming via TOKI Training Gate.

First is Resume. You are required to submit a resume as if you are applying for a software engineering job. Here are some tips and resources on writing a resume for software engineer job:

Second is Basic Programming via TOKI Learning Gate. Candidate is required to do Course 1: Pemrograman Dasar. The course consists of multiple chapters, and each chapter consists of multiple problems. Each problem requires you to write a simple console program (in C, C++, Pascal, or Python) which, given a set of text-based inputs, writes a set of text-based outputs. TOKI Learning Gate is a free learning platform provided by TOKI (Tim Olimpiade Komputer Indonesia). You can see more details about the course after you register for TOKI Learning Gate

Program Timeline '17/'18

  • Registration and Selection

    1 May - 4 June

    The application is open! Go to this page and fill out the form to express your interest.

    The selection criteria are resume and basic programming test. Please do Course 1: Pemrograman Dasar as far as you can go by 4 June

  • Final Mentees Decision

    5 June - 3 July

    Students who fulfilled criteria will be discussed by internal board of mentors. Students who have been selected will be informed further via email and/or skype in this timeline.

    8 students will be selected for 2017-2018 program.

  • Training

    3 July - 13 August

    The training will be mostly autodidact, with 1 hour mock interview and mentoring session of skype every week.

    Here are good videos on technical interview:

    Author of Cracking Coding Interview

    Google Interview

    Facebook Interview

  • Interview

    August - Dec

    Around this time, mentees will be preparing their resume and starts applying to Silicon Valley IT companies for Software Engineer Internship.

    Some companies to try: Facebook · Quora · Sony · Microsoft · Google · Apple · Amazon · LinkedIn · Twitter · Dropbox · and many more

  • Internship

    Summer 2018

    If an interview concludes in a good fit, the student will be offered a summer internship. Congratz, have fun, and learn!

Apply now!


  1. Register for TOKI Learning Gate
  2. Apply for Indo2SV mentorship here. Please include your TOKI Learning Gate username.
  3. Do Course 1: Pemrograman Dasar.
  4. There's no limit in number of trials per problem, so you're encouraged to keep trying to finish them all.
  5. Registration and test is open until 4 June. Applicants will be evaluated based on their resume and how far they get in TOKI Learning Gate course.
  6. By submitting these information and resume to us, you are giving us permission to potentially use them for purpose of referring to tech companies looking for talents.

The Form

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Who can apply as mentee in Indo2SV?

Anyone with Indonesian nationality who is a student and will still be a student (highschool, undergrad, master, or PHD) by summer 2018.

Do I have to have computer science background?

No, you can come from any background as long as you have tremendous passion in programming. A lot of software engineers here in SV actually come from various backgrounds, some didn't even go to / finish college.

Do I have to have competitive programming background?

No, but it may help to learn about competitive-programming-style algorithm and data structure questions, as that is the current trend of interviews done by SV companies. You can practise by yourself on Online Judges, for example HackerRank and LeetCode.

I'm final year student who is going to graduate next year. Can I still apply?

Yes. As long as you are still student or will have just graduated by summer 2018.

I'm not an undergrad (highschool, master, or PHD pursuers). Can I still apply?

Yes. As long as you are still student or will have just graduated by summer 2018.

What is the technical requirement for the internship?

There are two main steps: getting noticed and passing interview. Getting noticed is basically all about accumulating programming experiences, preferably ones that can be showcased/story-told, e.g. learn to create web apps, mobile apps, games, algorithm programming contest, contributing to open source code, etc. Having a connection giving you internal referral is a big plus. Passing interview is basically about algorithm and data structure knowledge, SV companies are really fond of these kinds of questions.

What is the technical requirement to be an Indo2SV mentee?

We assume that you have done quite some programming projects (making web apps, mobile apps, games, contributing to open source), and/or has basic algorithm and data structure knowledge (online/onsite programming contests, routinely practising on some Online Judge). You can show that to us by using your resume and by doing all problems in TLX Indo2SV Selection Test.

What will a mentee do in Indo2SV?

For the 'getting noticed' part, we are going to help you review your resume and maybe give internal referrals based on your performance and skill. However, we are focused mostly on the 'passing interview' part. A mentee will be paired with a mentor for 3 months. Every week, they will have a 1on1 mock interview Skype session, and also some programming homeworks to do.

What should I write in my resume?

As a software engineer, we would recommend you to refer to this article:

Can I prepare and apply for internship/fulltime by myself?

Of course you can, and we highly encourage everyone to try.

Do you have resources that can help me prepare and apply for internship/fulltime by myself?

To learn more about 'Getting Noticed', we'd recommend a book The Google Resume by Gayle Laakman McDowell, and this article:

To learn more about 'Passing Interview', check out a book Cracking Coding Interview by the same writer, and this video link:

Here are some good resources as well:

Do I have to prepare financially?

No. If you join a SV company as an intern, the company will provide the flights and 3 months accommodation.

Can I contribute to / be part of Indo2SV Team?

Yes, we really appreciate any helps we can have, be it company referrals, partnership opportunity, connections, feedbacks, etc. Please shoot us an email to (

However, we are not focused in expanding number of mentors right now. We are still figuring out the best program for Indo2SV, and we can move more quickly and organize better with limited number of close people.

Indo2SV Team '17/'18

Felix Halim is a Software Engineer at Google. He has a PhD in Computer Science from National University of Singapore and BCompSc from Bina Nusantara International.

Hilfi Alkaff is working at Quora, focusing on improving its backend and machine learning stack. He went to EECS Berkeley for Bachelor, and to UIUC for Master degree.

Jonathan Hadisuryo is a Software Engineer at Equifax. He has a BS in Computer Science from University of California, Berkeley.

Listiarso Wastuargo is a Software Engineer at Facebook, working on core ads system. He was an intern at Facebook for summer 2011 and summer 2012. He received a Bachelor degree in Information Technology from Institut Teknologi Bandung.

Nino Aquinas is a Software Engineer at Quora. He did his own startup and worked for Tecmo Koei before joining Quora. He has a BEng (Electrical & Electoronic Engineering) from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Reinardus Surya Pradhitya is a Software Engineer on product infra at Facebook. He has a BEng (Computer Science) from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Reinhart Hermanus is a Software Engineer at Urbanindo. Before that, he was a Software Engineer at Addepar. He was an intern at Facebook for summer 2013 and 2014. He has a Bachelor of Computer Science from BINUS University.

Veni Johanna is currently an Engineering Manager at Quora. She graduated from Stanford University with a BS, MS in Computer Science.